Civil Litigation

General Litigation

Our focus on results emphasizes value for each billable hour with a constant eye toward the cost-effectiveness of our representation. Knowing when you need to use the law and when it does nothing to truly move the case forward is important in keeping costs under control. We will always estimate legal fees, and will agree to cap or limit billing in exchange for incentive bonuses when appropriate to ensure that your case does not develop a life of its own.

Employment Law

VS&B has represented many people unfortunate enough to be the victims of discrimination in the workplace. With litigation brought by our firm resulting in clients realizing seven figure compensation, we have the experience necessary to advise you of your realistic chances of recovery from a former employer.

Personal Injury/Products Liability/Medical Malpractice

While we all hope we can go through life without an unfortunate accident, it is simply a fact of life that accidents happen. When they do, it is important to be represented by a firm that doesn’t have a dubious reputation as a “mill” only specializing in car crashes. VS&B will work to obtain a full satisfaction of our client’s claims without settling for a quick resolution for less than the client deserves.  We have extensive experience in tort litigation, having successfully litigated and resolved claims valued in excess of fifty million dollars.